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Bia艂贸wny 10, 15-440 Bia艂ystok

Bitcoin ATM Bia艂ystok - location, opening hours and contact information

One of the two Bitcoin ATMs in Bia艂ystok is located at Ba艂贸wny 10.   This is where you will find our modern Bitcoin ATM, which is one of the safest forms of investing in cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency ATM at 10 Bia艂贸wny Street is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also on non-commercial Sundays. In case of a problem with our device, call +48 728 008 004. Consultants are available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 22:00.

Bitcoin ATM Bialystok at 10 Bia艂贸wny Street on the map

Bitcoin ATM Bia艂ystok - can it protect savings against inflation?

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving and despite the fact that the economic situation in 2022 has changed significantly, virtual currencies are a great solution for investors who want to protect their funds against a decrease in their value. At the moment, the markets have many solutions that allow you to invest your capital, from treasury bonds to shares or cryptocurrencies. Which solution is the most advantageous at the moment? And how to invest effectively in such difficult and uncertain times?

Cryptocurrencies and stocks. What to invest in?

The BitMEX index, which measures bitcoin's 30-day historical volatility against the US dollar, fell to nearly 20% on Oct. 18, from over 85% in June. Volatility is a measure of how much an asset's price has risen or fallen over time, and its fall shows a measure of a cryptocurrency's stability. At the same time, Bitcoin trading volume fell to $14 billion last month from $50 billion. Low volume suggests no interest in buying or selling, resulting in less liquidity in the market.

Low volatility is good for bitcoin and for cryptocurrency investments, despite the changes in the market, cryptocurrencies continue to have a high level of confidence and attract new businesses. This month, Mastercard entered the industry, as did Visa. The stock market looks worse compared to the virtual currency market. While bitcoin is experiencing record levels of stability, Wall Street shareholders are feeling uncertain as inflation, rate hikes and other macroeconomic factors affect the corporate world.

Stocks and indices were falling, although the beginning of October brought some gains. The CBOE volatility index, popularly known as the VIX, has almost doubled since the beginning of the year! The Vix, which tracks volatility, typically goes up when stocks go down and vice versa. Many analysts say that further declines in the stock market await us in the coming months.

Cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin ATM more stable than shares

Everything indicates that cryptocurrencies are now a safer investment than shares. Historically, bitcoin has surged as a result of the lack of volatility, and investors continue to watch the market with interest. We must note that in 2022 many myths regarding both stock and cryptocurrency investments have been debunked. As cryptocurrencies become more and more popular, new trends and changes are expected in the coming months and years that may lead to increasing the efficiency of investing in this market.

Commission at Bitcoin ATM Bia艂ystok Bitcoin ATMs offer one of the best commissions on the cryptocurrency market, up to 2% compared to exchanges. To stay up to date with our promotions, we encourage you to follow our social media. You can also find the exact data on commissions on our home page.

Virtual currency market news

  • Bitcoin volatility has been low for a record time, according to the .BVOL BitMEX index, and is currently at 19.65%.
  • Bitcoin low volatility occurs when the US stock market is particularly volatile with the VIX currently at 30.89.
  • This allows us to conclude that only declines in the stock market have correlations with the value of virtual currencies, but it only works one way

What cryptocurrencies does Bitcoin ATM Bia艂ystok offer?

Bitcoin ATM Bialystok at 10 Bia艂贸wny Street, I offer the sale and purchase of such cryptocurrencies as:

  • bitcoin (BTC)
  • ethereum (ETH)
  • litecoin (LTC)
  • USDT (Tether)

Bitcoin ATMs Bialystok and the law

Gary Gensler (Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission) in his official statement, he explained how the applicable regulations guide and affect the cryptocurrency industry. Regardless of whether it concerns the issue of tokens or other services, such as granting loans and other forms of obtaining additional funds. In his opinion, most cryptocurrencies or tokens qualify as investment contracts.

Specifically, Gensler talked about the potential of stablecoins to be securities depending on how they are linked. He explained that there was no need to set any specific rules for the industry yet. 鈥淣othing in crypto markets is against securities laws,鈥 he said. This statement received huge support from investors, as it confirms that the US government is aware of how the virtual currency market works, but it is not currently regulated by law.

Cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin ATM in Bialystok are legal

Thanks to this, we are sure that the original idea of 鈥嬧媡he world of cryptocurrencies is preserved all the time and we can legally invest in a decentralized currency such as bitcoin or ethereum. This statement dispelled all doubts about the legality of the purchase and sale of virtual currencies, so how can we buy them on the Polish market?

Cryptocurrency ATMs are the best option on the market

If you want to buy cryptocurrency, you can use online exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs and exchange offices, this market is still underdeveloped in the legal realities of our country, but it is steadily growing. The surest way is the anonymous purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies using special devices such as Bitcoin ATMs, otherwise known as cryptocurrency ATMs.

Bitcoin ATMs in Bia艂ystok - how do they work? devices are fully supported and manufactured in Poland, thanks to which they are very popular in terms of transaction security. In our country, we will find almost 50 devices that enable the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies anywhere and at any time.

Bitcoin ATMs are by far the easiest to use

What is the advantage of cryptocurrency ATMs over exchanges? Each investor can make an anonymous transaction in the form of buying or selling virtual currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or USDT. The great advantage is also the convenience of use, and it is incredibly simple, find out for yourself how the Bitcoin ATM works. The most important thing is to print the QR code with the address, or simply scan it, then send the virtual currency to the address, confirm the transaction and collect the cash.