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Manhattan, Aleja Grunwaldzka 82, 80-244 Gdańsk

Bankomat do Bitcoin znajduje się przy wejściu w sąsiedztwie Starbucks na poziomie 0. Mapa galerii Manhattan w Gdańsku

Bitcoin ATM Gdansk

Where is the Bitcoin ATM in Gdansk?

The Bitcoin ATM in Gdańsk can be found on the ground floor of Galeria Manhattan right next to the entrance in the vicinity of Starbucks. Exact location showing addressManhattan, Aleja Grunwaldzka 82, 80-244 Gdańskthere is a google map below.

Bitcoin ATM allows you to easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Combining the convenience of a classic ATM with the cryptocurrency market is not only comfort for people familiar with the subject. Anyone who once wanted to buy a cryptocurrency now has a very simple way to do so.

Bitcoin ATM Gdańsk - opening hours

Our facilities operate from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00. On Sunday, also on non-commercial ones, the Bitcoin ATM is open from 10:00 to 20:00.

Cryptocurrency ATM in Gdańsk - contact

In case there is a problem with the device or you have trouble finding our Bitcoin ATM, please contact our support department. Our consultants are available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 22:00.

Customer support number: +48 728 008 004

Bitcoinomat in Gdańsk - opinions of our customers

All Bitcoin ATMs in the Tri-City

Bitcoin ATM Gdańsk is not the only available location in the Tri-City. The nearest ATMs can be found in Gdynia and Sopot.

Bitcoin ATMs in the Tri-City:

Bitcoin ATM Gdańsk - how the commission works

Our devices allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the spot, for cash on the spot, i.e. as quickly as possible. The process of verifying identity by entering a telephone number is something that you will not experience in Bitcoin ATMs, because it is unnecessary. If you set a low commission for miners, the waiting time for accepting transactions in the bitcoin network may increase, so it's worth getting acquainted with the topic before you start transferring large amounts. This is an issue that applies not only to Bitcoin ATMs in Poland, but to all forms of transfers in the world, including exchanges.

Cryptocurrency ATM in Gdansk with a minimum commission

It is worth noting thatBitcoin ATM Gdansk buys and sells currency at the current exchange rate with a minimum commission, especially during promotions. These promotions enable such profitable profits that they can even be compared to the so-called airdrop, i.e. a situation in which we receive crypto value for free (the fee is zero). The course itself is updated "live" and you can check it onhome page.

What is the commission in Bitcoin ATMs in Gdańsk?

The average commission in Bitcoin ATMs in the world is about 7%, while during promotions at Shitcoins.Club, the fee drops to about 0-2%. relative to stock exchanges. If you want to be up to date with our promotions, follow our social media.

Bitcoinomat in Gdańsk - How to buy bitcoin

We have created the system in such a way that transactions are as convenient and intuitive as possible. Therefore, each bitcoinomat is equipped with a QR code scanner, which significantly speeds up the indication of the desired wallet or completion of the private key.

Withdrawal is done by sending funds to the address displayed on the screen. After recording the transaction, the device immediately dispenses cash. We make the purchase by inserting the banknotes into the Bitcoin ATM (similarly to the cash deposit machine) and indicating the wallet address.

So let's summarize how to buy at an ATM: insert cash and scan the qr code of your crypto wallet. That's all.

How to sell bitcoin at a cryptocurrency ATM in Gdansk

The sale of cryptocurrency in our devices can be done directly or via the website. If you are looking for an answer to the question of how a bitcoin ATM in Gdansk works, the answer is as follows. When selling, we will have to send funds to the wallet address indicated by the device. This can be done directly from the Bitcoin ATM or externally, via a mobile device. After confirming the transaction, the Gdańsk Bitcoin ATM prints the confirmation and withdraws the money.

On the website, the procedure is similar, but here we do not get cash, but a transaction code that allows us to withdraw cash. We make a purchase by inserting cash into the device and entering or scanning the address of the destination wallet. We can also print paper wallet, i.e. the address of the wallet along with the private key to which the purchased funds will go.

Bitcoin Gdansk

More information on withdrawing money and buying Bitcoin (and what a Bitcoin ATM is in general) can be found on our subpagehow does Bitcoin ATM work. On the website you will also learn more about topics such as commission, or in which points it is possible to exchange bitcoin 24/7, and in which only during the opening hours of the shopping mall. Information, among others about commercial/non-commercial Sunday are included on the interactive pagecoin map, after opening a specific place.

Bitcoin ATM Gdansk - we've thought of everything

On our website, in the tabLocations, you can check the current PLN balance on each device. This map also shows the amount of cash in each.Bitcoin ATM Gdansk it also prints a confirmation with a code for each transaction, allowing you to complete it at any time, in any btc machine in the country. Thanks to the operation of Bitcoin ATMs in the network, you can successfully use BTC or LTC as a way to transfer money remotely. It is enough to buy cryptocurrency on the device and send the private key printed on the confirmation to your loved ones.